Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses are JJDC interested in investing in?
JJDC makes private equity investments in venture funded health care companies. Portfolio companies include those in the fields of medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and consumer products.

What does JJDC look for in an investment opportunity?
JJDC is interested in health care venture business opportunities with specific cost-effective paths to increasing value and extracting risk. The businesses JJDC invests in have clear competitive advantages, IP protection, an executable clinical and commercialization plan, and are led by experienced management.

How much capital does JJDC typically invest in a venture?
The fund amount of a venture investment varies from a few hundred thousand dollars to millions and depends upon the stage of funding, phase of product development, and alignment of the business venture with JJDC strategic growth objectives.

Does JJDC participate in syndicated ventures?
In some advanced stages of funding, JJDC will syndicate ventures with other financial investors or participate as part of a syndicate.

How involved is JJDC in its portfolio companies?
JJDC is actively involved with portfolio companies. Collaboration, dedicated focus, and milestone management are crucial to improving an investment’s short- and long-term financial outcomes.

Does JJDC require product rights as part of its investments?
No. JJDC often makes investments with no product rights. Occasionally, JJDC will make an equity investment side-by-side with a licensing deal for a Johnson & Johnson operating company.